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Caste System : Against the Spirit of Varna Vayavastha

The Spirit of Varna Vayavastha

Ancient India had Varna System not the caste system. Varnameans "Characterstics/skill/quality/color". As the Varna System eroded in its spirit, it became cast system of present. Fortunately once again we no longer believe in the bad practice of "Caste System" rather we believe in the Varna System which is natural, and it will always be there as nature never creates to living being of the same qualities. Every body is free to develop her/his skills (varna) and get the employment appropriate for her/his skills(Varna).

In Ancient India, there existed mainly four types of work.

1)Brahaman:- Those who had more inclination towards Adhyatm (spiritual science), spent their time in understanding Braham

2) Chatriya:- Those who had more inclination towards war and authority, took part in defending and organizing the Rajya (kingdom) and Praja (public) and sometimes expanding their Rajya

3)Vaishya:- Those who had more inclination towards business activities were involved business activities

4)Shudra:- Those who had no particular interest, they helped others in their activities.

One could change one's work (varna). For example once when kings (chatriya) became without control, then Rishi Parushram, gave up his basic inclination of Adhyatm and started punishing kings. Thus he switched his job from "understanding Braham" to "managing the society for its good". And he adopted Chatriya Dharma.

In the beginning people were attributed to the one of the four categories based on their merits. But later as the system degraded that attribution method transformed to by birth. This change was natural though but not good in the long run, which has lead to this caste divide.

We should know that Varna is dynamic in nature. People have different Varna or aptitude. And depending on the work needs of the socity they adopt their choice of work.

Depending on time, society has different type of work challenges. And those work types of a given time are caste for that time(if we want to define in ancient sense). Caste (Work) Pride is made by man and it does not have any value with respect to one's status. One with good character and knowledge in one's work is the best and respectable to society.

As Krishn in Bhagvadgita says- Karmah Yogasu Kaushalam. It means that the expertise in the work is Yoga.

Let us live in Veda's spirit that is-
"Sarvey Bahavantu Sukhinah| Sarvey Santu Niramaya||
Saryey Bhadrani Pashyanu, Ma Kaschid Dukh Bhag Bhavet||

Meaning: May ALL be happy. May all be diseaseless. May ALL see good things(good of others). May no body get sadness.

And in last let us pray the Braham(the creator of everything) to give us Wisdom. Let us all be Brhaman by always thinking about Braham.

@ S.Srivastava

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