Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Have u seen my share of bangladeshis?

Where are the bangladeshis? yes, this is now our pseudo-secularist are worried for. From ram vilas paswan, laloo, miya mulayam to morally right congress netas, each one of them are now following there(b'deshis) trail. All this started after a report by director general of BSF A K Mitra, that there are atleast 12 lakh legal bangladeshis missing now who have entered india with all valid documents.
Legal bangladeshis? and what about those who had entered illegally? They count near about 4 crore here in india.

But wait, before u jump guns and think that these netas are now serious about these illegal bangladeshi problem, please wait.
Elections are coming and now these so called sickular parties want there share of these illegal bangladeshis. For what? just give them some land to grab, let them have fake voter id, and here's your potential share of voters.

Ram vilas pawas was first to make a move, he demanded that they should be granted Indian Citizenships, commies are not far behind to join the corus.This is not for the first time, earlier also these parties have well shared these illegal bangladeshis.

Where are these bangladeshis? you don't need to be a nano-tech scientist to find them, just take a walk in any indian buzzing city.I am from delhi so i can tell u of my state, the problem is chaotic. Recently a survey in delhi shows that there is spike in number of Muslim voters by almost 14.2% in the case of males and 19.8% in the case of females between 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 resulting in an overall spike of 16.4%. This is in sharp contrast to the organic growth in number of overall voters of only 3.2%.

It cant be population growth or mass immigration from other states, so what made that happen? ya! you got it there.

This grave problem made a municiple councilor from gujarat MAYUR DAVE write a plea to the goverment, he writes:

Respected Sir,
Our Central Government has to take strong action against infiltration from Bangladesh. Due to this infiltration from Bangladesh, it impacts the worst effect on economical situation of India.

1. Illegal inflators of Bangladesh get ration card, passport and election ID card in India by using illegal evidence. Due to this situation, so many citizen of India have not get so many facilities behalf of this, those illegal Bangladeshi people have get facilities from money of tax payer of India.

2. Most of the illegal Muslim inflators of Bangladesh are illiterate and poor. They are doing hard work with taking less incentive after infiltration. Due to this situation Indian Farmer labor do not get work. So, they face problem of unemployment and also increase social dissatisfaction. Indian political party CPI & CPM don’t give attention on this matter. Muslim inflitrators of Bangladesh are only reason of Poorness & starvation in different states & cities of India like Assam, Calcutta, Bombay, Ahmedabad, lakhnaw, Ranchi, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Ganganagar & Patana.

3. Constant Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh is also dangerous for boarder area of India. They are doing anti-social activities like duplication of currency of India, illegal transportation & manufacturing of weapons, sale of prohibited narcotics substance at the place of boarders. It is badly affects the economy of India.

4. In 1941, only 30% HINDUS were in Bangladesh but it decreases to 22% in 1951. In 1991 it decreases to 11.3%. Nowadays How many HINDUS are there in the Bangladesh is the BIG question? From last 10 years more than 1.5 to 2 crores Bangladeshis are illegally migrated in India. Recently the population analyzer Shairf Begam has given the statement that more than 2 crore citizen are missing at the time of counting of population after 1991. Where are they? They are in India only.

The CONGRESS government, NHRC, NGO have to attempt to take strong action against 2 crore Muslim Bangladeshi inflators. President of India have to take keen interest in this important matter. It is right time to take strong decision otherwise we will have to get ready to face the worst situation in future.

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