Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time for hindu enterprises

Anyone who knows a thing or two about international geopolitics and internation business, knows about the importance of control over
business enterprises to pursue national and community interest in this world of internal struggle.

A very good example here is israel, a very small nation stuck between many islamic draconian states.Israel have succesfuly created a powerful jewish lobby to back its urge for survival in the world of islamic barbarism.

same as jewish lobby for israel we have arab lobby by arab nationalist with there huge crude money and we also know where this money goes ,a part of it ends in the hand of jehadis killing innocent hindus in kashmir.Christians have vatican and a very powerful christian lobby around the world. But whom to look after hindus, who gona serve we hindus, what about hindu nationalists.

we have seen the kind of reception hindus have got around the world, especially in islamic countries. Moreover we dont have to go far away, we can well see the plights of kashmiri pundits in our own country and hypocrisy of pseudo-secularists.

Not only communities have successful created strong business lobbies but also able to take control of internation and local media. CNN can be seen in this light as it will allow to broadcast every thing except crap created by its own army.

So for a strong and powerful india and hindu community its a high time that hindus should start taking over business enterprises and create a powerful hindu lobby.The seeds of hindu lobby has been ploughn when NDA lead by BJP single handedly created a huge "cash reserve" of $ 40 billion with the help of nationalist NRI's after seviour sanction put on us with pokhranII

And offcourse how can we forget narender modi attracting 5o$ billion of investment mainly though gujarati NRI's.

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