Wednesday, July 30, 2008

endless appeasement from pseudo-secularist

oh god these pseudo secularist, minority appeasers will never act right, even not on dead countryrmen
25 blasts in 24 hours didnt make them to stop playing dirty vote bank politics

comeon damnit what dialogue its not time to make committes and lick there balls. its time to be in war with these barbarians,its time to raise our own KGB Mossad........minority appeasement will break this country oneday.

National secretary of the Nationalist Congress Party and noted advocate Majeed Memon said: "The blasts can have no place in Islam. But if the Indian Mujahideens have any grievance then it should appoint a committee to have a dialogue with the government."

i think we lost it, we can fight ISI, simi, any LeT or huji but we cant fight these white snakes hiding among us mr memom didnt forget to return favour for his brotherhood..........whom to trust damnit

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